Cataracts affect more than half of all Americans over age 60. You might not need surgery yet, but we will examine you carefully and counsel you on the best treatment choice for your specific situation.


Glaucoma is increased pressure in the eye, which damages the optic nerve.  It mostly affects patients over forty. Some patients just need to be observed, but some need medications or laser surgery.


In Southern California dry eyes is a very common problem. We can recommend medications for your situation. Minor surgical procedures on the tear ducts are also available to help this problem.

Featured Services

Cataract surgery has made amazing advances in the past decade. We can recommend the best lens implant for you and counsel you on reducing astigmatism, making you way less dependent on glasses,  and giving you the best possible vision.

Blepharoplasty is removal of excess skin and fat from the lids, which can be done right in the office.  This can improve peripheral vision, so it is often covered by medical insurance.

Lasik surgery can make a huge difference in your life, but  refractive surgery may or may not be the best option for your situation.  We will examine your eyes and go over the options of glasses, contact lenses, or surgery.

Pterygium  is a growth on the eye surface, much like a callous. It is caused by sunlight, so this is a very common problem in our climate.  This problem is often helped by drops, but we can discuss minor surgery in the office to treat this problem also.

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What Our Client’s Say?

I had thick glasses most of my life,  but since cataract surgery by Dr. Haight I hardly wear glasses at all. Colors are brighter, the view out my window is crystal clear, and I feel safe driving again.  I only wish I had done the surgery two years sooner!

James FrancisPatient

Dr. Haight has done cataract surgery on both my eyes, and he got rid of baggy skin in my upper lids.  His office staff is friendly and caring, he runs right on schedule all the time, and I actually enjoy going in for an appointment!

Marsha LynnPatient

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Dr. Haight has been practicing at Grossmont Eye Center in La Mesa since 1982. He is a board certified eye surgeon trained at the University of Wisconsin and at the University of California San Diego.  He specializes in advanced cataract surgery and has done over ten thousand cataract procedures in his career. He has taught cataract surgery at UCSD and at the Veteran’s Hospital as a clinical professor of ophthalmology. Twice in the last few years he has been elected as one of San Diego’s “Top Doctors” in San Diego Magazine.  Call or visit our office to learn how you can restore youthful vision fast, and possibly see better than you ever have in your entire life!
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